First a disclaimer, #projectjax is still in development.  I have been sitting on a host of music I am ready to review but I am waiting for the right time to release that particular thought project.  Now on to another album review. 2018 is in full swing, and […]

Cognitive dissonance

I turned 32 yesterday, and I had some post birthday thoughts I thought I’d self publish.   First I’ll tackle religion.  Look, I can understand and get behind systems behind systems explaining just about everything. But in my opinion there has to be something downright supernatural for it […]

Sleep well beast

So of course 2017 was a year full of club bangerz that everybody loved and praised all over the internet already, but I thought Cognizant Machine would highlight one of my top five albums of 2017 which may have slipped under your personal radar.  The band is called […]

The North remembers

Lately I have been pumping New England natives Transit on heavy rotation.  They have a charming local garage band style that has folksy charm.  By that I mean the pop rock with emo vocals band doesn’t have post folk influences but they do have a certain song structure […]

A new year

Greetings, I want to apologize for not posting in such a long time, I have been dealing with a major case of writers block and even though I have a back log of music I have reviewed and want to post, I have become discouraged from updating this […]

Dragon Slayer

For the past year the United States has been terrorized by a figurative dragon.  The commander in chief has become a monster that has pillaged the country side burning down enemies in twitter fire and hording over his power in the base of his mountain of real estate […]

Putting it in writing.

Hi all,  Some more roadmapping… This time I am putting into writing my future plans for business.  I have been working for some time now on a business plan for a restaurant I plan on starting called SIVAR.  The restaurant will serve Salvadoran food (Pupusas, etc.) and I […]