Cognizant Machine, fully aware designed technology.  The machine (my greater metaphor for life and the system we call society) is large and impressive, and I am nothing but another cog in the machine.  Hi, my name is Federico Jose Cuellar and I’m going to contribute my time and energy into making something both amusing and readable.  I review music here, and I like to hang out with you the reader through the albums of people more talented than I.  While I maybe another cog in the machine, I am aware of the greater systems in place and, I hope that being cognizant of the machines role, I can affect and help shape the processes of creation and imagination.

I welcome opinions of all shapes and sizes and I think that I can create a comfortable space you’ll want to return to.

I’ll sign my posts -Fed because that is what everyone calls me, my full name is sans an R in the beginning so Fred is a common oratory mistake.  I want to have a cooking show called Fed by Fed where I make Fed bread and adjust interest rates while the oven preheats 🙂  No, but seriously I have heard it all and I am not “the Man”® I am only a man… although I’ll happily take the definite article if you wish to give it to me.  Seriously how boss would The Fed be as a nickname.

I am 25 years old, and graduating college from George Mason University.  This is my first real writing gig outside of school so I hope that isn’t painfully obvious.  I studied Global Affairs and Conflict Analysis Resolution (ah Thank you) and I am a voracious reader and enthusiast of the liberal arts.

The title of this post jokingly recalls Ke$ha a current (Spring 2011) pop act which I hope falls away into obscurity.  Still I listen to and try to mostly recall music I think everyone can enjoy (pop) with the occasional foray into other pop genres *alternative rock, punk, folk, hip hop, new wave, etc, etc, etc.

I am not embarrassed about my tastes in music, I have a sweet tooth and penchant for dance rock but I can move along to almost any genre given the right circumstances (Warning: I will do a country week, please prepare accordingly).  I encourage all of my readers to collect the albums I recommend and only give out samples of other peoples work with full respect to copyright law and intellectual property rights.

I will soon begin news reviews and essays which will have political and controversial opinions but I’ll flag and mark any and all accordingly and leave it to you dear reader to decide to enter the rabbit hole or not.

I am greatly influenced by great websites and blogs all around the internet, I will cherry pick and link generously in order to customize and optimize the future of this space (a domain change is possible but I am taking baby steps in the mean time). I also read and follow enthusiastically Superman comics so please expect me to attempt to Save the Day whenever I can.

Finally I want to shout out Northern Virginia (my present residence) and talk a little about where I came from. I am a Salvadoran national by birth who has lived most of his life in Woodbridge VA. (about 20 minutes South of Washington DC). I’d like to think I speak Spanish and English fluently (albeit heavily accented and prone to spelling mistakes in both languages) but I am improving everyday. I have two wonderful brothers and two loving parents (I am in the cozy middle) who support and encourage me. I have a large group of friends (you’ll read about them no doubt) and a particular interest in local music and contributing to the “scene” I am about an hour away from Richmond Va. and an hour away from Baltimore Md. so I expect to cover a lot of distance and I have already heard and will spotlight a lot of sound up and through the district.

If you have any questions 🙂 again please feel free to ask, I am at your disposal.

Cognizant Machine