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A history lesson.  Jose Napoleon Duarte is the former President of El Salvador from 1984 to 1989 who has gone unaccredited as the man responsible for the end of the Salvadoran civil war.  He was plagued with exile and torture and is a man who stood up for non violence and advocated for the poor and suffering lower class of the third world nation.  He is said to have dirtied his hands when talking with the guerrillas in orchestrating a cease fire for the then war torn nation, and as a result was virtually written out of the history books by the right wing political party that took power after his term.  The man was  a solemn and honest man who cared for every living soul and he was both well educated and humble as he rode a populist platform to power and then delivered the peace that was so necessary for the country of El Salvador.  He was the secretary general for the centrist political party Christians democrats for El Salvador (PDC) and his party took great lengths to separate themselves from both the hard right and the extreme communist left.  the current day centrist party all but doesn’t exist as a functioning political option for El Salvador.  the country today remains as divided as ever and the country is facing a great a terrible social crisis as money and people deported from the US come back as expatriates to the country and take a toll on the struggling middle class.  Nowadays gang and police violence engulf the struggling developing nation and the country has all but forgotten most of the wonderful examples and hopes given to it by this crusading mountain of a man.

Jose Napoleon Duarte was a great man, and although his legacy may not have survived the passages of time, his memory is not quite forgotten and the people of El Salvador still love him and remember his name and his good work.  I would be remiss if i did not say I would love to follow in his example and one day dedicate my life to peace and prosperity like him and lead the way for my country to take back its social and civil identity and move away from the vicious partitions and civil war legacy that divide the country so bitterly today.