Hi all, so you might have noticed I have favored to review albums from a little ways back more recently.  Well that trend will continue no doubt.  However, today I thought I’d post about an album from 2015 that tries to look and sound like an album from yesteryear.  The album I present to you is “Chasing Yesterday” by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Bird enthusiasts will no doubt recognize Noel Gallagher as the creative force behind nineties rock favorites Oasis, the band fronted by his brother Lliam which captured the hearts of millions here across the pond and launched a British invasion of alt. pop surrogates to take to the states in order to seize the golden opportunities radio listeners were left seeking since the demise of the Beatles years ago.  However flash forward to a messy breakup caused by a brothers spat, and an American tendency to ignore things from the Queen’s land and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are back to relative obscurity here in the states.

All that aside, “Chasing Yesterday” is a solid album.  Look forward to “The dying of the light” for a nostalgic ride that captures the zeitgeist Oasis used to knock out of the park on a regular basis.  The basic formula is simple… acoustic guitar plus dreamy lyrics and a cool vocal matched with simple lyrics = hit.  “Dying” seems to embody that 90s alt rock sound so perfectly it captures the spirit of “Chasing Yesterday”.

The whole album seems to attempt to capture lightening in a bottle again and throw back all the old music tricks that worked for Oasis but this time without Lliam mucking things up.  Opening up the album “Riverman” is a bluesy favorite of mine, the cool sax and easy build really stir some emotions while the laid back vocal rests comfortably on the track like a lesson in songwriting from a true veteran.