New York natives MisterWives are relatively new.  They debuted a surprise hit ep called Reflections that won over a lot of fans and introduced the world to Mandy Lee’s amazing voice.  The band is mostly comprised of quality pop rock musicians in their first full length album Our Own House, they display competent rhythms and engaging drums along with a sick sax and of course some compelling song writing.  Mandy has a powerful voice but her inflection on certain words seems to be the draw.  In their songs she tends to makes simple use of rhyming structures choosing words that sound a like but stressing the syllables differently making them sound more musical.  Mandy apparently had some operatic training but it isn’t that she is an opera singer, it is just that her powerful instrument can stretch out notes and create some big moments.  In the lead single Our Own House, the group vibes together expertly but uses breaths and quiet moments to accentuate the breakdowns and really bring the house down.  The group has also put together a concerted effort to make fun videos despite having such an engaging lead vocalist.  Every music video they have released has been widely entertaining.


MisterWives is currently on tour and one great thing about the group is their willingness to pump out a steady stream of covers.  They continue to spread their music online and during shows you can find covers to some surprising pop songs, everything from the weekend to Michael Jackson, linked below is a feature they did for Kia motors where they cover Hall and Oates, Out of touch.  The cover is fun and once again Mandy knocks the vocal out of the park.