What’s wrong
Don’t you hate that old song
Don’t you sink a little
Whenever it comes on

Please be honest
The memories aren’t the fondest
Do you choke up at that one part
The piano playing sonnet

I really miss you
Just the thought of us together
Makes me wanna grab a tissue
I take issue
with saying goodbye was never easy to say

For me it’s easy to see
That the sensitive side I showed you
Was a weakness to be,
Exploited and hurt
Kicked in the dirt
Unreciprocated feelings
Yeah, my feelings weren’t worth
The pound of flesh you asked for
The time of day sometimes more
The precious marble stone form

A statue that was crying
A permanent reminder
Of all the things we never finished
Yeah a ticket on the wire.

I wrote this poem years ago after a break up.  I have considered putting music to it somehow but I can’t play any instruments and I can’t quite hear anything in my head when I say it.  Structure wise it is very basic and almost a rap if it were longer, I cleaned it up a little and posted it on here because this will be the place where I self publish my writings from now on, so I’ll try explicating and cleaning up more old writings.  Some are too hard to read, let alone write about, but I kinda liked this one.  I always liked the line “Piano playing sonnet.”

linked to this poem is a video now, the following is a really old song written by Conor Oberst at the turn of the century.  “A perfect sonnet” is actually, and incredibly beautiful, the amount of emotion and cathartic story telling still moves me and after all these years I can still imagine singing this song along with him, both of our voices cracking through the stress of emoting and strumming the guitar at the same time.  It is a good one, enjoy.