Dan it has been thirteen years since we met by chance on the first day of school at George Mason University.  At first we were both two awkward kids trying to find ourselves, but you were always different.  Ever since I met you, you have known what kind of man you wanted to be, and more importantly you have known what kind of life you want to lead.  For the past thirteen years every year on my birthday Dan has sent me a message without fail.  Seek the difficult road, live a complete life, be a man.     No apologies, no excuses.  Dan you are an unmitigated success.  You have lived a life well lived, and you inspire me every day.  I know without a shadow of a doubt you will be happy.  Together you and Rebecca will build the kind of family that will inspire jealousy, and Rebecca you can rest easy knowing Dan is a good man.  The best man I know and a consummate provider and friend.  He will support you, and he will love you and together you will lead an amazing life.  I want to thank you for being my friend and for inviting me to celebrate the start of something official.  In the eyes of the law you will testify your love and putting your principals in writing.  My friend Dan is a great writer.  He has a gift with language and a way with words, due to his strength of character.  He is a man of his word, and demands respect for his unwavering loyalty and sometimes brutal honesty.  Dan is a man of the law, and like the law, like the oldest customs and traditions, he is etched in stone and permanent.  He can be interpreted many different ways by many different world views but he is a man to be respected and trusted and no matter how you may read him he is fair and just.

In times of trouble he will be there.  Dan will deal with the worst of humanity and shine a bright white light in the darkness.  He represents the best in all of us, even face to face with things I personally try not too imagine.  He will walk the line, and protect and serve because somebody has too, and because he is capable and up to the task at hand.  Dan is always prepared and believe me when I say he is ready.  Ready to be a husband.  He is responsible and resilient and strong and he will choose the road less traveled every time, the road with more worthy costs and noble pursuits.  He will stand in the face of adversity and pick himself up no matter what life may knock him down with.  He will stand guard and be vigilant, and never ask for a thank you.  He is a one in a million man but a man we can learn from.  I am unquestionably lucky to know him and call him my friend.  I look forward to see him continue to thrive in the future.  Dan, Rebecca, thank you for inviting me to your special day.  I wish you the very best life has to offer, and I look forward to see you guys hold hands and tackle the future.  I believe you two will make the world a better place to live in.  Thank you and cheers.